Homeschool Questionnaire for Kids

We are getting organized for back to school a little early. I use a questionnaire on the first day of our homeschool every year.  It helps me know where my children’s interests are in any given year and is most insightful (and funny) when comparing it year to year. But after having gone to the NCHE Thrive conference in my state last week, I came home a different mom. I want to start the school year with a bang!  A couple of the  ‘Homeschool  Questionnaire for Kids’ questions that I added, I heard in a conference talk given by Dr. Kathy Koch. She was fabulous.  These questions have been such a good experience for our homeschool, I decided to share it with you. These questions are for kids ages 3-adult.

Ask your child these questions to figure out their bent at the beginning or end of the school year and repeat annually.

These questions show my kids what I value. I want my daughters to think about the values that are important to us. In the past, the first question was about what my kids wanted to be when they grew up. But after reading Daniel Lapin’s Business Secrets From the Bible, I found the 1st question is a better one when changing the verb from ‘be’ to ‘serve’ and by taking the focus off of self and on to others.

The last question about ‘a perfect day’ is one we have used for a couple years.  If you don’t know what a perfect day looks like for yourself, how can you ever have one?  It is like aiming a bow and arrow with no target. If you know what your child’s perfect day looks like, you may be able to make your ordinary days a little more perfect.

For younger children ask the same questions. Don’t allow anxiety if your child doesn’t have an answer or opinion.  Go with your child’s first answer and compare them every year.  Take it yourself.  These are great questions and conversation starters.  The questionnaire is what we will be doing on our first day of school. I invite you to join us.  Print the PDF below for FREE.

Answer these 17 questions to prick your heart and your children’s hearts and open up their future, one question at a time. Click here or the picture below to access the FREE PDF.


Homeschool Questionnaire for Kids

Click Picture to access FREE PDF of Homeschool Questionnaire                                          Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

What questions would you add?

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