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~Connecting Christian homeschoolers in the Greater Charlotte Area~

This has proved to be a huge part of my homeschooling resources that I still rely on heavily…


Originally, when the founder of CCHNet (Charlotte Christian Homeschool Network) came to town in 2006, she had just moved here from another state and was unable to find a homeschool information source that wasn’t strictly secular.  She started this group with the intent to make it a Christian list that was as inclusive as possible.

Now, 8 years later, we are at over 1,600 members with combined homeschool experience perhaps in the hundreds (gasp! or even thousands!) of years.


The mission of CCHNet is to connect Christian homeschoolers in the greater Charlotte area while serving as an information portal for events, activities, and information of interest to homeschoolers.


CCHNet has blessed me (and my family) since 2007 with

  • updates in homeschool laws,
  • information about homeschool friendly businesses,
  • classes,
  • field trips,
  • volunteer opportunities,
  • events and activities in the area,
  • and also the opportunity to connect with like minded homeschool moms.
  • Not to mention the referrals when I needed a orthodontist or handy man and
  • the venue to resell homeschool books.
  • Park days and meet ups are an excellent way to network and are good for pre-school mamas to teens and everyone in between.
  • I have seen co-ops form, play groups started, and even friendships emerge. It is a wonderful way to determine interest or need in an area and can result in classes or unique learning environments created as a result.
  • Community events and cultural opportunities are often posted that you may not normally know about and which are particularly of interest to homeschoolers.
  • Businesses are learning that that we are a force to be reckoned with and as a result have started classes and have included options that are exclusive to homeschoolers.  Some offer coupons and discounts especially for home educators or include us in discounts that were formally only for traditional teachers.
  • Used curriculum sales are created and advertised as well.  This is a wonderful way to network.

Used Curriculum Sale

  • You can sell your own homeschool related items as long as you keep it to one email and specify your area of town in the subject line.


CCHNET is a Christian based list for homeschoolers in, or moving to, the greater Charlotte area. Anything of interest to new and existing homeschoolers in the Charlotte Metro area may be discussed.

This list is Christian based but is open to all homeschoolers regardless of creed, philosophy, political orientation, race, etc, etc. We provide a connection between Christian support groups of varying statements of faith as well as inclusive groups in order to allow individual members to pick and choose among the rich homeschooling resources available in the greater Charlotte area. We assume that homeschoolers are intelligent, mature adults who can choose wisely for themselves and their families.

CCHNet is open to all Christians across the theological spectrum. We are not a church or closely defined small group where members are expected to have the same standards, homeschooling methods or political views. It is possible to be respectful and tolerant even when we disagree.  And while we will not always agree about everything, we ask that you read posts with an eye of deference, assuming your fellow homeschooler has posted with the intent to help, not to insult or hurt.  Make liberal use of the delete key to skip those posts which do not intersted you or agree with but may e helpful to another homeschooler.


A wide range of view points is allowed and members are encouraged to follow the ‘Golden Rule’.

  • -Please make your subject lines VERY descriptive. Avoid vague subjects like ‘Great info for homeschoolers’. Please force yourself to be specific.
  • -If your post regards classes or activities, it is helpful to add the part of town to subject line–like this:  Gymnastics for homeschoolers–Matthews.
  • -If you are selling items, please submit ONE post listing all your FS items. Begin post with FS–like this: FS: Homeschool curric–Matthews
  • -If your message is only relevant to one person, please make liberal use of the ‘reply to sender’ link at the bottom of every post. To do this, instead of hitting ‘reply’ at the top of your screen, simply scroll to the bottom of the post, and there is a tab for ‘reply to sender’. Click on that tab and your reply will go to only the sender and not the whole group.   Likewise if your message is only relevant to a handful of people, please email them directly, rather than sending the post to all 1600+ subscribers.

Keeping on point, replying to sender on personal emails, and avoiding unnecessary emails help to make this the great list it is!

The busiest time of the year for communication is in the summer time as a new school year approaches.  Often summer time is the time when families are moving into the area or they are considering pulling their kids out of school. These can be stressful decisions.  For seasoned homeschoolers, remember what it was like your first year?  Coming alongside and blessing others on this homeschooling journey is the best gift.

We are glad you’re here and want to encourage you to be a part of CCHNet, jump in, ask any questions you may have or offer your valuable input to the discussion.  It is a very responsive and supportive group!

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