Your Child’s 26 Week

Alphabet Adventure!


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Are you interested in homeschooling your preschooler or kindergartner but overwhelmed at the thought of where to begin? Listen, I get it.  I have been where you are. I wrote Alphabet Smash because I couldn’t find a curriculum to do with my kids that was fun. I dreaded boring preschool worksheets and I wasn’t interested in drilling phonics. They weren’t ready to read. I wanted to excite them about letters, language and learning. And so this is what WE did.

  • Imagine an inexpensive preschool/kindergarten curriculum that is fun, engaging, and builds a relationship with your kids


  • Imagine a curriculum that is Christian, simple to use, easy to do, while creating memories that will last a life time


  • Imagine having fun hanging out with your kids incorporating much what you are already doing into learning the alphabet; as you eat foods, listen to music, create art, study character traits, do math, science… all that begin with the letter of the week.

Alphabet Smash takes the Letter of the Week to a whole new level  It is like the letter of the week on steroids!

FREE Alphabet Smash!!!

Alphabet Smash is not just an education, it is an experience!

“Alphabet Smash is a fun and easy program to use with your pre-schooler!  Taking each letter and finding many ways to explore it in a variety of fun and interesting activities is the jewel of the program. Plus, there are many downloadable forms and links to resources that help solidify the lesson and reach preschool children on every sensory level. I highly recommend using this fun and flexible program!”  

Christi Deason

President and veteran Homeschool mother, Homeschool Charlotte

“Alphabet Smash takes pre -schoolers down a beautiful road of rich learning experiences. New worlds are explored through the alphabet, and the best part?  Kids and parents alike have fun while they learn!”

Lindy Sellers

Author, entrepreneur, and veteran homeschool mom, Sweet Harvest Homestead

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