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Alphabet Smash!- Pre-school curriculum

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Discover how to intentionally inspire children on a fun alphabet learning adventure from a Christian viewpoint while incorporating your daily life.

Finally, an answer to those boring pre-school workbooks!

Cupcakes, Christopher Columbus, Compassion, and Crocodiles. What do all of these have in common? The letter C along with caboodles of other things—and the way that Alphabet Smash introduces your child to the letters of the alphabet and endless other fascinating wonders of the world.

Learning Letters in Nature

Why Alphabet Smash?

  • Because it uses every day situations to recognize letters, their sounds, and context in life. You have to eat, so why not eat foods that begin with the letter you are studying? As you listen to music, create art, and study character traits, your child will be reinforcing the letter of the week and strengthening essential skills.
  • This 26 week curriculum is based on each letter of the alphabet and provides a smorgasbord of opportunities for children to learn the alphabet while exploring the wonders of God’s world in every aspect of learning.
  • By incorporating a letter of the week into all aspects of your daily activities, you are able to consistently teach the letters and their sounds in everything you do together in real life including eating, errands, and entertainment.
  • It is simple to use, engaging and delightful experiences to share with children the many wonders God has blessed us with alphabetically.
  • It creates memories that last a lifetime.  You and your child(ren) go on a journey, learning together.
  • Children will make an Alphabet Smash notebook as a keepsake portfolio of their accumulated knowledge and discoveries. Multi-sensory activities help serve up the delectable bits of knowledge to keep your studies, fresh and exciting every day.
  • Each week your child will focus on a letter of the alphabet, learning its sound, and how to write it and integrate the letter with topics such as:

Food, Field Trips, Handwriting, Bible, Art, Poetry, Fun Alphabet Activities, Math, Missionaries, Science, Social Studies, Books, Music, Movies & more!

Who is Alphabet Smash for?

Moms, homeschool parents, Sunday School teachers—in short, any teacher looking to present the alphabet to a child/children ages 3-7 using a flexible, fun, and creative approach.

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