My Bucket List


Things I want to do before I kick the bucket….. (not necessarily in this order)


Fall in love

Get a college degree

Have a baby(ies)

Homeschool my children

Start a blog

Homeschool through high school

Publish an article

Publish a children’s book

Publish a photograph

Publish a book

Take acting lessons

Take a road trip out west

Take a picture of a sunset and sunrise on the west coast

Swim in the Pacific Ocean

Hand out $100 bills to totally needy strangers

Plan a homeschool field trip to Europe:

Travel to Jerusalem

Travel to Greece

Travel to Italy

Swim with Dolphins

Go snorkeling with my girls

Celebrate 50 years of marriage

See my grandchildren

Go on a mission trip in another country

Learn how to rock climb indoors

Take a luxury cruise with my girls

Go to NYC and see a broadway show

Visit a movie set

Run in a 5K : The Colro Run, The Warrior Dash, Hopewell Hustle, The Watermelon Dash, Hopewell Harvest Hustle


Go white water rafting

Write my Memoir

Sing in front of an audience

Speak in front of an audience

Become a better public speaker by joining Toastmasters

Become a public speaker

Learn to play my guitar

Ride in a hot air balloon

Lead someone to Christ

Become complaint free for 30 days

Practice gratitude for a year; and hit 1000 click here

Take a ballroom dance lesson

Sleep in an overnight train

Take a pottery class and learn to use a pottery wheel

Go whale watching 

Milk a cow 

Climb the Statue of Liberty

Visit The Lincoln Memorial

Experience a rocket/shuttle taking off

See the Grand Canyon

Watch turtles hatch and run for the ocean

Become a cheese connoisseur

Have a compost

Get completely out of debt

Try fencing

Fly First Class

Go to the Louvre in Paris, France

Make a difference in a person’s life

Give my testimony

Own a trailer or home at or near the ocean

Sponsor a Compassion Child

Go on a blogger mission trip

Install skylight/window in my rec room

Dance in a flash mob

Take a photography class

Drive Route 66

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