Even a 2 year old can do it!

When I saw this sweet video of my friend’s darling baby girl, only 2 years old and folding laundry, I realized just how much we assume little children cannot help with chores and things around the house.

I remember at 3 years old, my youngest could put her dishes away in the dishwasher after dinner but her teenage sisters would struggle with the task.

It just goes to show, expectations are everything. And at this tender age, that is when they want to help their mommy most. Take advantage of even the imperfect attempts to help.

I recently wrote about pre-school chores.  Click here for a free chore chart. and also wrote about life skills extensively in my new book, Alphabet Smash.  Being intentional about preschool chores is key. Although you can start at any age, beginning early blesses both you and your children.  Chores teach children accountability, responsibility, self discipline, empathy, and how to take care of themselves.  Chores also develop fine and large motor skills and give kids a purpose; that they are needed as a member in your family’s economy. And we all need to be needed.


Even a 2 year old can do it!

There are studies that show what can happen when you believe in your kids. Expectations affect our moment to moment interactions with our children.  Now, I am not taking about hard core expectations that cause your children stress, but the belief that your kids can contribute to the household and can be a positive contributor to your home.  Your children can smell your belief in them, like osmosis.  Check out this NPR report on expectations.

And then watch this video. Watch it with your teens too, proof that even a 2 year old can do it.

Even a 2 year old can do it!



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