Lifehouse’s Everything Drama at the Charlotte Rescue Mission

My heart breaks at the reality of three young girls we know that are struggling with depression, cutting, and heroin addiction.  We don’t live in a bubble.  And evil doesn’t discriminate.  The news is a huge wake up call and brings mommas to their knees.

Ministering at the Charlotte Rescue Mission was a humbling way to see the frailty and strength of human beings. It was most powerful to share this with our kids.  These men, too, suffer from addictions and sadness.

“Because He himself suffered when He was tempted, He is able to help those who are being tempted.” Hebrews 2:18

The drama our Zoe Homeschool Youth Group chose to perform for the residents at the Charlotte Rescue Mission was  Everything By Life House .

It begins as a story….

Our first love and

His beautiful creation, made in His image…

CharlotteRescueMissiondrama - 07

Photo by Denise Herndon

CharlotteRescueMissiondrama - 08

Photo by Denise Herndon

The temptations of this world move in, obscuring our view.  But Jesus never leaves.  We get distracted and take our eyes off of Him.

We become enchanted by the wrong kind of attention,

CharlotteRescueMissiondrama - 10

Photo by Denise Herndon

And bad influences…

CharlotteRescueMissiondrama - 13

Photo by Denise Herndon

Distracted by money…or the lack of it.

CharlotteRescueMissiondrama - 12

Photo by Denise Herndon

They tell us we are not enough.  We believe it.

CharlotteRescueMissiondrama - 15

Spiritual forces, we cannot see, are at work.

“Since the children have flesh and blood, He too shared in their humanity so that by His death He might break the power of him who holds the power of death–that is, the devil–” Hebrew 2:14

CharlotteRescueMissiondrama - 16

Even during the practices, I held my breath.

(This is my girl with a gun to her head.)

CharlotteRescueMissiondrama - 18

You dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. John 4:4

CharlotteRescueMissiondrama - 01

Photo by Denise Herndon

We let the world dictate our attention and our time.  All the while Jesus is there trying to get our attention, in a still small voice.

CharlotteRescueMissiondrama - 02

Photo by Denise Herndon

It is a choice. But  distractions and addictions are like a wall.

CharlotteRescueMissiondrama - 03

Photo by Denise Herndon

CharlotteRescueMissiondrama - 20

Photo by Denise Herndon

Jesus is our Protector and our Comforter.  And we know the end of the story.  We win.

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Romans 8:37

CharlotteRescueMissiondrama - 04

Photo by Denise Herndon

He is sovereign.

You calm the storms,
And you give me rest.
You hold me in your hands,
You won’t let me fall.
You steal my heart,
And you take my breath away…

CharlotteRescueMissiondrama - 05

Photo by Denise Herndon

CharlotteRescueMissiondrama - 06

Photo by Denise Herndon

It is finished!

Would you tell me,

How could it be, Any better than this?…

After the drama, the men came forward and we prayed with them. Some said the drama had touched them.  One, in particular, whispered that many here suffer from suicidal thoughts.  Many are homeless.   Some are walking with Jesus and some are unsure.  Each has his own story and testimony.  It was beautiful and sad at the same time.

There are many messages revealed in this drama. Messages for men with addictions,  teens, and even praying mommas. And there is nothing better than discovering them yourself through kids.  Who would have thought that we would be blessed too?

Just an inexperienced drama mama,  kids who planted  seeds, and Jesus who worked on hearts.

You too can perform Lifehouse’s Everything for your community, church, or teenagers. Watch the video.  At this time, there are over 20 million views. Our  practice was based on the video but you can download a script.  It is powerful.  Expect to be moved.


Do you know of any dramas or skits you have performed that are easy to replicate?  Do you know of other ways teens can minister to each other and those who need it?


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