Beautiful people all over this amazing world are starved for a measure of hope. What to do?

I know I am starving for someone who relates some days when my head feels like it is spinning and I am behind and can’t catch up and laundry is clogging the hallway and the realization after finishing the last dish that there is another sink full awaiting around the house.  And I am doing things all wrong.  And I am not very nice.  Sigh.

Sometimes it really is the small things. Small hope reminders.

Precious people stand out in my mind, especially now, that could use some hope.

Ruth is a wise teacher.  She gives me teachable moments and shows by example how to Rise Above. I try to wrap my brain around what a day in her life looks like.  What kind of hope would be meaningful to you?   How important would it be to me to be reminded that God’s got this?  That He is ‘taking care of the details’.

DaySpring Encouragement Card Collection

She is the most beautiful woman I know.   I want to remind her that He has made everything beautiful in its time.  Even her.  Especially her.

Jeannie,  my pen-pal in prison, gives hope and encouragement more than any other friend I know.  And I have never even met her in person.  She is passionate.  I have a hard time imagining a day in her life too.  She is on her 4th year of a 7 year sentence.  This month is her birthday.

How would you want to spend your birthday in prison?  She has begun collecting things to bless fellow inmates; stamps, envelopes, extra lotion.  Generosity looks different everywhere but it is all the same.  It means a lot to be reminded that there is hope and that He really will refresh your life with His love.  Pass it on that He offers ‘one blessing after another’.

DaySpring Encouragement Card Collection

In the letters we write to each other, we both dispense hope.  Two different perspectives entirely.

Another friend is experiencing financial struggles.  I know what that feels like.  It doesn’t feel good.   It is frightening.  God delights in meeting our everyday needs.  I need to remind her.  And in doing so, remind myself.

Dayspring Encouragement Card Collection

A shot of sustenance treatment.

But really I am the one who receives the sustenance, the seemingly small reminders.

You too can bless through Inspired Deals and DaySpring’s Encouragement Collection

How do you remind?

*Note: DaySpring provided me with free cards but all opinions are my own.



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