Adventure Group ‘Christmas Around the World’ Christmas Party…

Homemade paper ornaments , made from maps, lent a special touch.

‘Joy To The World’ letters were attached to a map of the world.

Christmas Tree Map Cones (just roll, tape, and even out base) made awesome table decorations.  We used mini flags for napkin holders and placemats.  AAA membership is a great resource for free maps and planning guides to use for decorations. Your imagination is the limit.

Upon arriving, each child received a passport.  A unique stamp for each country, game, and activity was issued during the party.

The students all picked a country to tell about.

Gabrielle chose China:Only 1% of Christians live in China.  It is not a national holiday.   Christians have been and are persecuted. You will find Santa Clause and Christmas symbols during this holiday in major cities.  Santa Clause is called ‘Shen Dan Lao Ren’ and means old Christmas man. They decorate with Chinese paper Lanterns.  These are some that Gabrielle made.

It is our prayer that the Chinese would know Jesus.

India Presentation-Christmas Around the World

In India, to celebrate Christmas, small clay oil-burning lamps are placed on the edges of flat roofs and on the tops of walls.  It is a way to share the ‘light’ of Jesus with their neighbors.  Poinsettia and mango trees add to their decorations. The main religion there is Buddhism but Christianity is the 3rd largest religion.

England Presentation-Christmas Around the World

A goose, Christmas plum pudding, roast potatoes, and sausages are some of the foods eaten on Christmas midday in England.  The Christmas tree was introduced into the royal household by Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III.  Many Christmas traditions in the U.S. were adopted from England. The first Christmas card was sent in 1840 and now more than a billion cards are sent annually.  Mistletoe is a tradition from the dark ages.  Father Christmas is the English gift giver but we know who is THE gift giver.

In addition to China, India, and England; the children (and a couple moms) gave presentations on Brazil, Ireland, Egypt, Germany, Sweden, Russia, United States, Japan, New Zealand, Africa, Mexico, and Italy.  We all learned a lot about how our world celebrates (or does not celebrate) the birth of Jesus Christ.  It is an excellent, non intimidating way for the kids to practice speaking in front of a group.

Each country was represented by a dish from that country to share.  It was a feast! The kids were in charge of this. (Not shown: Mexican cake and New Zealand chicken dishes)

Swedish Rolls

Egyptian Palace Bread

Italian Gnocchi

England’s Shepherd Pie

Indian Bhutura

Irish Butter

Brazil Mango

We played games that cleverly taught the kids about each country and they  took their passport home as a souvenir.

This was a fun way to celebrate Christmas in a unique and educational way.

Christmas Around the World

And it was a great way to celebrate Christmas with my buds too!  What a great group of women.

Adventure Group mommas (missing 3 in photo)

What unique ways have you found to celebrate Christmas?

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